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Our Process

SBSG offers a full range of design and engineering services for both conventional construction and off-site modular building projects.  We DESIGN ideas, ENGINEER concepts, MANAGE the process and DELIVER results. Our experienced team of designers and engineers are consistently recognized for their quality designs and our commitment to detail. At SBSG we strive to ensure every project is completed to the highest satisfaction.

Design Ideas

At SBSG, innovative design creation is the foundation of our business. We understand each project is unique and we work closely with each client to explore their vision and turn it into reality. We apply a collective team approach and work closely with our clients and project stakeholders to ensure all aspects of the design meet the project objectives. 


Engineer Concepts

SBSG’s engineering team advances the design to include the required engineering design and specifications. Our team of structural, electrical and mechanical engineers will coordinate all disciplines of design through BIM 360 to ensure a seamless integration of all building systems.

Manage the Process

As an industry leader in the innovation of building design, SBSG has thorough knowledge of the steps required to successfully manage the process of design. We apply a collective team approach throughout the duration of the project to ensure all project milestones are achieved.

Deliver Results

With decades of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge, SBSG has advanced thousands of projects from concepts to substantial completion.  At SBSG we believe in creating a long-term partnership with our clients that is built on a foundation trust. We have a substantial list of returning clients that continue to utilize our services for the simple fact that we deliver quality work, on time, and within budget.

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